Awards in the SCA may be bestowed at the Kingdom or Baronial level and are a way to recognize excellence and show gratitude to the populace.

Kingdom vs. Baronial Awards

The Crown of Calontir can bestow awards in a number of areas. For information about Kingdom-level awards, please visit the Calontir website. As servants of the Crown, the Baron and Baroness may bestow Baronial awards upon their populace and friends of the Barony. These awards are not a part of the Kingdom Order of Precedence, but they do affect the Order of Precedence within the Barony.

Coeur d’Ennui’s Baronial Awards

A listing of the closed Baronial Award Orders can be found here.

Recommending Someone for an Award

Anyone within the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui or the Canton of Axed Root can recommend anyone else for a baronial award.

Send a letter or email to the Baron and/or Baroness with the following information:

Who: The person’s full SCA name (or as much as you know)
What: The award(s) you think they deserve, and
Why: What they have done to deserve the award.
Try to be as specific as possible.

To recommend someone for a kingdom-level award please send an award recommendation to the Crown. The Mews (Calontir’s newsletter) often contains an award recommendation form. In addition, you can find the forms on the Calontir website here.

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